Peer Reviewed Articles

J. Schönke, M. Forsberg Conde, E. Fried
Kinematic chains with preserved mobility for arbitrary arrangements of their links.
Mechanism and Machine Theory, vol. 175, p. 104921, 2022. LINK

J. Schönke, M. Grunwald, and E. Fried
Construction of Unknotted and Knotted Symmetric Developable Bands.
Symmetry, 13(3), 431, 2021. LINK

J. Schönke and E. Fried
Single degree of freedom everting ring linkages with nonorientable topology.
PNAS, vol. 116, no 1, p. 90-95, 2019. LINK

S. Hartung, F. Sommer, S. Völkel, J. Schönke, and I. Rehberg
Assembly of eight spherical magnets into a dotriacontapole configuration.
Physical Review B, vol. 98, 2, p. 214424, 2018. PDF

J. Schönke, M. Grunwald, E. Fried
A 3π Möbius Band with Constant Twist and Minimal Bending as the Limit of Tetrahedral Rings.
Bridges Paper, 2018. LINK

M. Grunwald, J. Schönke, E. Fried.
Sevenfold and Ninefold Möbius Kaleidocycles.
Bridges Workshop, 2018. LINK

J. Schönke and E. Fried
Stability of Vertical Magnetic Chains.
Proceedings of the Royal Society A, vol. 473, 20160703, 2017. LINK
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A. T. Pham, R. Seto, J. Schönke, D. Y. Joh, A. Chilkoti, E. Fried and B. B. Yellen
Crystallization kinetics of binary colloidal monolayers. (Cover)
Soft Matter, vol. 12, p. 7735-7746, 2016. PDF

J. Schönke, W. Schöpf and I. Rehberg
Magnetkugeln - ein 10-Euro-Labor.
Physik Journal 15 (2016) Nr. 4, Wiley-VCH 2016. PDF

J. Schönke
Smooth Teeth: Why Multipoles Are Perfect Gears.
Physical Review Applied, vol. 4, p. 064007, 2015. PDF

J. Schönke, T. M. Schneider and I. Rehberg
Infinite Geometric Frustration in a Cubic Dipole Cluster.
Physical Review B (Rapid Communications), vol. 91, 2, p. 020410, 2015. PDF (SUPP.)

J. Pods, J. Schönke, P. Bastian
Electrodiffusion Models of Neurons and Extracellular Space Using the Poisson-Nernst-Planck Equations - Numerical Simulation of the Intra- and Extracellular Potential for an Axon Model.
Biophysical Journal, vol. 105, p. 242-254, 2013. PDF

J. Schönke
Unsteady analytical solutions to the Poisson-Nernst-Planck equations.
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, vol. 45, p. 455204, 2012. PDF

J. Schönke and W. M. Tscharnuter
Protostellar collapse of rotating cloud cores. Covering the complete first accretion period of the stellar core. (Cover)
Astronomy and Astrophysics, vol. 526, p. A139, 2011. PDF

W. M. Tscharnuter, J. Schönke, H.-P. Gail, M. Trieloff, E. Lüttjohann
Protostellar collapse: rotation and disk formation.
Astronomy and Astrophysics, vol. 504, 1, p. 109-113, 2009. PDF

J. Schönke
Hydrostatic, isothermal planetary models from the point of view of dynamical systems: 'Determination of explicit formulas for the point of critical mass'.
Planetary and Space Science, vol. 55, 10, p. 1299-1309, 2007. PDF

J. Nagler, M. Krieger, M. Linke, J. Schönke, J. Wiersig
Leaking Billiards.
Physical Review E, vol. 75, 4, 2007. PDF


Contactless Magnetic Couplings for Microfluidic Devices and Nautical Propulsion.
Patent number: US20180172007A1
Active (2020)
Inventors: J. Schönke, E. Fried.


J. Schönke
On the Formation of Stars and Protoplanetary Discs.
PhD thesis, Heidelberg University, 2010.

J. Schönke
Linear Stability Analysis of Protoplanets
Diploma thesis, Jena University, 2005.


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